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This is how Rigello coffee is made – from grain to your own coffee brand

Rigello coffee – for you a feast of the senses, and for us tedious and hard work motivated by customer satisfaction. You see the end result – a packet of aromatic coffee beans with a distinct taste that you enjoy every day. However, we see a multitude of production processes subject to close supervision of computer systems and the work of a group of specialists.


The determinant of our success in the production of excellent quality coffee beans and ground coffee is cooperation with ecological plantations from around the world, which gives us the opportunity to choose the right beans from the freshest harvest.


What we feel best in is combining traditional coffee roasting methods with a high rate of automation that limits the human factor’s contribution to production processes.


Our advantage is the ability to produce coffee in industrial quantities, which puts us in a higher position compared to the competition. However, we do not forget to pay attention to the details that become the guarantor of the extended freshness of the coffee, its unique taste and aroma.

Our Offer

Your success in our hands – your own brand of coffee



Process control

During production processes, we are primarily guided by the idea of ​​specialty coffee – we want to offer our customers only the highest quality coffee.

Production possibilities

We strive to achieve a balance between the use of advanced production processes and traditional coffee roasting methods, which allows us to continually increase our production capacity.


The key to success is to create your own brand of coffee tailored to your customers’ taste preferences. The guarantee of repeatability of the taste and aroma of the best quality coffee will provide you with a positive image.


One of the best ways to check the quality of coffee beans,
type of plantation from which it is obtained, or productions requirements,
is the presentation of acquired quality certificates.

About us

Rigello coffee roaster – With passion for your brand



The Rigello roaster was created in 2012, and the inspiration for its creation was a huge passion for coffee. From the very beginning, we made every effort to ensure that our products were of the highest quality. That is why we traveled around the world in search of the best plantations and the most aromatic grains.

Over the years of making coffee, we’ve created various coffee blends, combining Arabica and Robusta beans from Asia, Africa and America. Our coffee roaster has meticulously searched for the perfect degree of burnout to satisfy the various tastes of our customers. We would like to pass on the experience gathered during this time to your Coffee Brand.


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