About us

Rigello coffee roaster
– We give life an aromatic sense smelling of freshly roasted coffee

We know how little you need to be happy, how you can easily discover the unique magic of moments that you will keep in your heart for longer. Just one moment, one sip, you will understand the meaning of Italian dolce vita and discover the power of senses that will overwhelm your desires. Roaster and Rigello coffee producer – we are here to make your coffee dreams come true.

Coffee importer, producer and roaster, or how it all began …

We remember our beginnings on the coffee market, when in 1996 we decided to combine the traditional taste and aroma of freshly roasted coffee with the needs of our customers, who we have been passionate about drinking freshly roasted coffee for years. We have been operating under the Rigello brand since 2012, which is constantly developing and striving to meet your requirements.

Rigello is a brand that puts on the aromatic pedestal the needs and preferences of those who want to get to know the world of coffee and create their own coffee business path. One of the most important moments of our initial activity as an importer of coffee from Italy was the purchase of the first laboratory oven in 2013. Thanks to it, we were able to start work on sensory tests of our unique coffee blends. We subjected each of our coffee concepts to the opinions of our customers, which resulted in the creation of a number of sensory profiles. The ability to use green coffee beans from around the world meant that we were able to design almost every available taste of freshly roasted coffee.



Your own coffee brand – we’re changing for the better especially for you


The following years of the Rigello brand activity were associated with an intensive search for the right production line, which was to guarantee our clients a repeatability of taste, full automation of processes, as well as a unique opportunity to design their own coffee brand.

We have been working on our own production line since 2015, which we are constantly developing to improve the quality of our services. Thanks to advanced production and logistics processes, we are able to provide our customers with up to 300 tons of coffee per month, which puts us at the forefront of the best coffee producers in Poland and Europe.

Rigello coffee roaster – with a cup of freshly roasted coffee towards the future


From year to year, we try to expand our area of ​​activity and set new challenges. We strive to ensure that our customers’ satisfaction goes hand in hand with the increasing quality of our services. We emphasize our presence on the coffee market by the presence at international food fairs, during which we present our products and services. We had the honor to participate in such events as:

  • Biofach Fair,
  • Gulfood,
  • FoodexJapan,
  • Anufood China,
  • Sial China,
  • Seul Food & Hotel,
  • Taipei International Food Show.


What is the secret to the success of the Polish coffee producer Rigello?


We combine tradition with modernity

We create unique sensory profiles in the form of mixtures of green coffee beans from around the world, which are subjected to advanced production processes.


We enable the creation of your coffee brand

Together, we select the taste of the perfect coffee blend, its price, packaging design, and logistics issues related to production and delivery.


We care about the needs of our clients

We provide professional customer service for both European and Asian clients. We have experience in roasting and blending green coffee beans for customers from every corner of the world – from Lithuania to China.


We do not close ourselves to flavors

Roasting coffee beans is our love, passion, bittersweet addiction. We are constantly craving for new experiences, looking for new aromas, creating unprecedented coffee blends. Our possibilities are limited only by imagination and senses, in which we want to delve deeper and deeper.