Certificates on your freshly roasted Rigello coffee

The Rigello coffee roaster has been considered for many years a synonym of the quality and uniqueness of the coffee blends produced. A group of specialists watches over maintaining the highest quality of our products, who make decisions about choosing the right coffee plantation, selection of beans and control of processes related to their roasting, followed by the production of coffee blends.

One of the best ways to check the quality of coffee beans, the type of plantation from which it is obtained, or the production requirements is to present acquired quality certificates. Rigello as a Polish coffee producer passionately strives for the production of coffee beans to be sustainable both for the environment and for society. We care not only for the good that Mother Nature offers us, but also for the comfortable working conditions of the people who take part in the production process of the best freshly roasted coffee.

We are proud to be able to boast meeting the highest quality standards of green coffee beans, which translates into the Rigello brand obtaining numerous certificates and awards.

BIO ecological certificate

Freshly roasted Rigello coffee is certified by the European Union’s organic farming. The BIO coffee we offer is made on the basis of beans only from organic crops, without chemical protection products and fertilizers. The plantations we work with take care of traditional methods of harvesting beans, which means that we are able to provide our clients with the best organic BIO coffee, which guarantees intense taste and unique aroma.

HACCP Certificate

The Rigello coffee roaster successfully implemented the HACCP international quality management system, which puts us at the forefront of the best coffee producers in Poland. We pay special attention to the quality of green coffee we offer, as well as the security of processes related to its production and distribution, ensuring their continuous improvement. We are guided by Good Production Practices, thanks to which our customers can be sure that the coffee beans we produce are safe for their health and meet all production standards.

FRC Certificate

The FRC system is a pioneering solution implemented by us to better manage the quality of production processes. The key issue is the production of coffee blends exclusively based on the current needs of our contractors, without the need to accumulate stocks. We pay special attention to the fact that the coffee we deliver preserves the original taste and aroma, becoming a guarantee of the success of both our and our contractors selling their own coffee brand.

Gluten Free Certificate

We have a license for the Crossed Ear Mark, which is part of the European License System. At the contractor’s request, we mark the label for the Rigello gluten free coffee packaging with a special sign, thanks to which customers can be sure that the products they purchase are safe and free of gluten. Thanks to the Gluten Free certificate, we are able to sell the best gluten-free coffee both at home and abroad.