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Your success in our hands

– Your own coffee brand


Are you looking for a way to make your brand stand out from the competition and highlight its position on the market? Bet on your own, fully personalized products that will help you succeed and make customers happy to come back to you.

Take advantage of our offer and become the owner of your own coffee brand, thanks to which you will start a new era of your business, smelling of the intense aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

Who is our offer dedicated to?


Retail chains

We offer the possibility of creating our own brand of coffee for the retail network, for which we are able to produce up to 300 tons of coffee per month.


Convenience store

Our services are used by well-known convenience chains that want to expand their range with the possibility of drinking aromatic coffee, signed with their own brand.


Gas stations

Coffee drunk at a gas station can also be unique! An own brand of coffee is a great way for a gas station to attract new customers who enjoy its aroma while traveling.

Hotel chains

We create our own coffee brands for hotels that want to build their prestige and reputation by offering customers personalized products that become the company’s best showcase.



We specialize in creating our own B2B coffee brand, which allows our contractors to emphasize the uniqueness of their brand and stand out from other distributors.


HoReCa Channel

HoReCa’s own brands of coffee give the opportunity to spread wings to less known cafes, restaurants and pastry shops. With personalized coffee, customers are happy to come back to them to be able to enjoy a cup of the best freshly roasted coffee again.

Why it is worth creating your own coffee brand?

Product Personalization

We combine our knowledge and experience in roasting excellent quality coffee with your design and taste preferences. The result is a fully personalized product – your own coffee brand.


Professional service

We provide comprehensive customer service at every stage of creating your own coffee brand – from work on the visual concept to packaging and shipping logistics.


Improving the company’s image

By choosing to create your own coffee brand, you gain recognition among customers and your company becomes more attractive against the competition. Your sales are rising and customers are coming back again, choosing your personalized products again.

How is your own coffee brand created?

Visual concept

Have you decided to develop your business and create a brand of your own coffee? Our designers and graphic designers are eager to get acquainted with your visual and final expectations of the product. We are happy to confront them with our ideas, so that we can provide you with a full graphic design of your coffee packaging as well as POS materials.


Flavor profile

You are not convinced how exactly your coffee should taste? Trust our production team, which can boast many years of experience in designing coffee profiles created on the basis of different tastes and all taste curves. We work with European and Asian contractors, and our passion for drinking aromatic coffee means that we never close ourselves to new taste sensations.

Coffee production

Especially for you, we will produce exactly the coffee you dream of. In our offer you will find the highest quality green coffee made from arabica and robusta beans, available in the form of freshly roasted ground coffee or coffee beans. We care about constant expansion of the range, which is why we offer our clients the creation of an own brand:

  • Organic BIO coffee,
  • Gluten free coffee,
  • Cold brew coffee.



We care not only for the quality of your coffee, but also for its safe and hermetic packaging. Your coffee is enclosed in packages of the highest quality three-layer laminates, in which aluminum is one layer, increasing the barrier to 99.9%. A similar effect is ensured by the Swiss valve with active carbon, placed in every package of the coffee we produce. If you run ecological activities in your company, then you will certainly be interested in the possibility of using paper packaging in a “hand craft” climate, with a personalized label or dust jacket, which will perfectly emphasize the character of your brand. We also strive to create our own packaging for biodegradable reusable cans.


The coffee brand we created is delivered to your company in cooperation with certified food carriers from around the world who handle parcels by land, sea and air.