This is how Rigello coffee is made – from grain to your own coffee brand


Rigello coffee – for you a feast of the senses, and for us tedious and hard work motivated by customer satisfaction. You see the end result – a packet of aromatic coffee beans with a distinct taste that you enjoy every day. However, we see a multitude of production processes subject to close supervision of computer systems and the work of a group of specialists.

The production of the best freshly roasted coffee is a reason for us to be proud, which is due to the use of advanced technological processes and their control, from collecting the beans to packing them in appropriate packaging. We want to adapt to the needs of even the most demanding customers, which is why we strive to improve each of the production processes that is involved in the creation of our coffee.


How your Rigello coffee is made?



The determinant of our success in the production of excellent quality coffee beans and ground coffee is cooperation with ecological plantations from around the world, which gives us the opportunity to choose the right beans from the freshest harvest. We care about the best personalization and quality of our products, which is why, depending on the established taste profile, we select grains only from current harvests with adequate humidity. After arriving in Poland, the beans undergo numerous taste and physico-chemical tests, which allows us to verify their quality and maintain the unique aroma of the beans.


What we feel best in is combining traditional coffee roasting methods with a high rate of automation that limits the human factor’s contribution to production processes. Selected coffee beans arrive at our production line in large, hermetic pneumatic lines, which are used, among others in the pharmaceutical industry. In this way, we are able to precisely measure the desired amounts of grains, and also protect them from damage.

Roasting Rigello coffee takes place in traditional ovens equipped with a drum and slow roast function, thanks to which the process itself lasts from 12 to 22 minutes, allowing to achieve full grain aroma. The temperature in our furnaces oscillates around 200 degrees Celsius, which distinguishes them from the background of industrial ovens, in which grains are baked at a temperature within 400-600 degrees Celsius.

Our ovens are equipped with a number of innovative sensors, thanks to which we can save the roasting profile of each coffee blend we have created. In this way, we are able to guarantee our clients a repeatable taste and aroma of their own coffee brand.


Our advantage is the ability to produce coffee in industrial quantities, which puts us in a higher position compared to the competition. However, we do not forget to pay attention to the details that become the guarantor of the extended freshness of the coffee, its unique taste and aroma.After removing from the oven, the coffee has a very high temperature, therefore it is subjected to an air-cooling process, which allows the coffee to cool quickly. We care primarily about the quality of our products, which is why we try to obtain a maximum of 80 g of coffee from 120 g of raw material.

Rigello coffee roaster – what makes us different from the competition?



During production processes, we are primarily guided by the idea of ​​specialty coffee – we want to offer our customers only the highest quality coffee. Therefore, we use returnable scales, thanks to which we can precisely measure the same amount of coffee in each package. We also use an X-ray controller, which tests the density of materials and immediately rejects packaging in which ingredients other than coffee are detected.

Production possibilities

We strive to achieve a balance between the use of advanced production processes and traditional coffee roasting methods, which allows us to continually increase our production capacity. We are currently able to offer our contractors up to 300 tons of coffee per month.


We deeply believe that the key to the success and stable sales of our contractors is to create for them their own brand of coffee tailored to the taste preferences of their target customers. We trust that the guarantee of repeatability of the taste and aroma of the best quality coffee will provide them with building a positive brand image in the coffee industry.